Dealer Profiles: One day left!

We’re only one day away from the first NCTOYCON, all in all we are looking to have over 25 toy dealers selling collectibles across the spectrum! Today we’re going to have a multi dealer profile post showcasing some of the different things dealers are bringing!

First up is The Collectors Caravan! They’re newer to the toy dealer scene, but they’re bringing some cool stuff!

Next up is Debbie Yeargan, she is new to toy dealing, but she’s bringing some really cool stuff! She is “clearing out the attic” with all of her daughters 80’s toys which includes She-Ra, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kid, and more!

Last up is one of the co-founders of our show John Lebel. A well known toy dealer in the Triangle, John has been selling toys for over 20 years and is his full time job. He has a constantly rotating inventory and has something fresh and new for every show. He recently acquired a huge transformers collection and will be bringing it to NCTOYCON!

Remember the show is tomorrow from 9am-5pm at the Hampton Inn and Suites behind Briar Creek Shopping Center (behind Dick’s sporting goods). You can pre-order tickets now on Eventbrite, or buy them at the door. We will accept cash and credit card at the door. (a small processing fee will be added to credit card purchases).

As always if you have any questions feel free to message us on Facebook or send a email to

Dealer Profile: Keith Hilton

Our next dealer is known by just about every toy collector in the area, and has been selling toys whether at the flea market or different toy shows for over 20 years. Keith Hilton has a seemingly unlimited supply of amazing toys at every single show, and always has reasonable prices.

For many toy collectors, Keith’s booth was a destination trip every weekend of the flea market.  He has recently scaled back his flea market appearances, but he still does toy shows, and he will be at NCTOYCON. He’s bringing Vintage & Modern Star Wars, GI Joes, Transformers, Mego, Wrestlers, Lego and more!

Here are some pictures of the different things he’s bringing!

A sealed Fright Zone playset!

Sealed Star Wars Landspeeder.

USS Flagg Parts

Rare Funskool Super Cop Rescue Squad set

Modern Star Wars sets

Flavor Flav action figure.

Dealer Profile: Blake’s Toy Chest

Our next Dealer Profile features one of the youngest dealers around, but Blake Edwards has an old soul.  He’s got one of the widest range of genres/eras for toy collectors, selling toys from the 1800’s through today. Blake has been selling toys since he was 9 years old, set up at his first show at 12, and started his own toy show in Salisbury at 16. If there were categories for Toy Dealer Child Prodigy it would be him. He always has something for everyone, and always has fair prices. We’re so happy he’s setting up at our show, and be sure to check out his own show coming up later this month!

Here are some of the awesome things he’s bringing to NCTOYCON!

Some,  cardedTMNT, Super Powers, Visionaries, Power Rangers, and more!

Some great silver hawks pieces

Boxed Super Powers vehicles, including one of my all time fav’s the Delta Probe One

Tons of great Micronauts sets

A table of vintage goodness

Dealer Profile: Crowemag Toys

The next dealer in our Dealer Profile series is well known in the Triangle Area, and thats Crowemag Toys. They have been a staple in the triangle toy collecting community for many years, and without them there would be many holes in triangle collector’s collections. Crowemag Toys has a brick and mortar store off of Lynn Road as well as residence at the State Fairgrounds during Flea Market Season. It is owned by Larry Crowe and is currently staffed by toy enthusiasts Jason, Brandon and Nikki.

We’re excited for them to be a part of the first NCTOYCON, and they have shared some pics of the awesome things they’re gonna bring!

Complete (save for Ecto-Plazm) The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset with Box!

Complete 12inch scale Vintage Kenner Chewbacca

Rare Halloween deco Bog-O-Bones Boglins by Mattel

Remember the show is from 9-5pm on April 7th at the Hampton Inn & Suites behind Briar Creek. Tickets are 5 dollars at the door or online, kids 14 and under are free!

NCTOYCON: Video Update! 3/28/18

John and Jay give an update on the first NCTOYCON happening a little more than a week from today. We have updates and details for toy dealers and people attending the show. Stay up to date by subscribing to our YouTube account, and checking out!!

Dealer Profile: Turbines To Speed Comics & Toys

As we get ready for the first NC TOY CON we wanted to share some profiles of dealers and what they’ll be bringing to the show! Remember the show is from 9-5pm on April 7th at the Hampton Inn & Suites behind Briar Creek. Tickets are 5 dollars at the door or online, kids 14 and under are free!

Our first dealer is profile is of long time Triangle Toy Dealer James O’Briant. He has been selling Comics and Toys for the better part of the past decade and if you been to any cons / toy shows in the area you’ve probably seen him before. He always has a great selection of modern and vintage toys and we’re really excited to have him at our inaugural  show!

Here are some pictures of the many things he intends to bring!

Complete Hall of Justice Playset w/ Box. Sealed Justice Jogger and Lex-Soar 7

AFA 80 12 back Chewbacca

Latest Filmation MOTUC wave

Rare Italian Micronaut




First show on April 7th!!

Located at the Hampton Inn & Suites Raleigh-Durham Airport-Brier
Creek. NCTOYCON will be the only show dedicated to the buying,
selling and trading of vintage and new collectibles. The goal of this
show is to bring collectors from all fandoms together to share there
passion for completing their collections and learning more about the
toy industry.

The show will be from 9-5pm on Saturday April 7th at the Hampton Inn
and Suites behind the Brier Creek Shopping Center. Attendee tickets
will be 5 dollars at the event. Children under 14 with an adult are free.

Are you a toy dealer? Sign up here to get your table(s) reserved